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Mr. Berry has traveled extensively practicing law in state, federal and international forums concentrating on contract law, construction law, and children’s rights working with diplomats, law enforcement, and the judiciary on domestic and foreign cases.  Cases involve negotiations/mediations, litigation and arbitration.  Cases have included matters in “hot spots” (or what is now commonly referred to as “Conflict Zones”) such as Afghanistan (2010-present) as well as other “sensitive” countries, i.e. Iraq, Uzbekistan and Cuba.  Mr. Berry has worked closely with the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), Office of Children’s Issues within the U.S. Department of State; sometimes retained and working in concert with foreign governments in complex international children matters.  This firm intentionally maintains a low and confidential profile to facilitate problem solving.  On the other side of the law practice with a strong business background Mr. Berry serves as corporate counsel, and has reviewed complex contracts for many businesses one with commitments exceeding one billion dollars, an amount once exceedingly rare.

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