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After a couple of bad experiences  with family lawyer i found myself hopeless and doubtful  of the legal system as a whole. It wasn't  until my first meeting  with Ms Garcia that i felt there was still a chance; Ms Garcia takes the time to explain with luxury of details both the situation  and all the steps that need to be taken, she kept me on the loop on everything  with constant and effective communication and made sure the best interest of my son was taken care  of. simply the best. If you are in need of an  attorney,  look no further Oxalis Garcia law firm is an investment  you won't regret.


on behalf of Consult America Management and myself , I would offer my strongest recommendation for Mr. Berry. His experience in International Contract law , litigation, Arbitration, Construction law, and family cases is beyond excellence. He is well organized , motivated, competent . I have hired Mr. Berry as well as work with him closely on many Cases , his way in handling litigation is exceptional. all what i have been observed Mr. Berry that he honest, and willing to go above and beyond even in the most dangerous area in the world only for one goal which is to reveal justices to his clients. sometime "Thank You" or "Smile" on face of Client is quite enough to make him work as hard as you could imagine to ensure the rights of his clients are protects. By the way Mr. Berry is not " Desk jockey Lawyer" who investigate by himself that facts and information. so I would highly encourage any potential Clients to work with him , simply because he is " Second to none"


Oxalis assisted me with a custody case. She was great! She put pressure on them when it was needed, she was open and honest with me. I always asked for her thoughts and opinions before I made my own decision because I wanted her expert advice and in the end I got what I was comfortable with. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. I hope that I never have to go through what I went through of course but if for some reason I did, I absolutely would use her again.


I worked with Michael Berry for 2 years in a child custody case involving, among other things, my young daughters passport being wrongfully taken by my ex-husband in India (we are both US Citizens). Mr. Berry traveled to India 2 times to witness the Indian court system, met my attorney there, collected evidence pertaining to my case and spoke at trial there. Upon returning Stateside, he worked alongside my (other) Counsel in giving her a much broader scope of what I was up against overseas, generously offering his unique insight to use in my case in the US. Along with possessing the legal and cultural knowledge and nuances necessary for practicing international law, Mr. Berry is very sensitive to the psychological impact of these cases on his client, too. It was a pleasure working with him and his staff and I would highly recommend him.

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